Seoul has an extensive network of public transportation and taxis. Click here for subway routes and map. You can get directions for public transit from Google Maps as well. 

Business hours :
from approximately 5:30 until midnight

Basic fare of subway (and bus) :

 Passenger T-money Single Journey Ticket or Money
 Regular (19 years old and up) 1,250 (1,200) Korean won 1,350 (1,300) Korean won
 Youth (13-18 years old) 720 Korean won 1,350 Korean won
 Child (6-12 years old) 450 Korean won 450 Korean won

※ The Airport Railroad Line and Sinbundang Line charge higher fares.
※ 10 – 40 km: 100 won for every 5 km
※ After 50 km: 100 won for every 8 km
※ T-money card users receive a 100 won discount off the adult fare per ride.

T-money card? :
The T-money card is a rechargeable smart card that can be used to pay public transit fares in the Seoul-Gyeonggi areas. It is convenient to purchase a T-money card if you will use a public transportation more than once. Because you cannot transfer with a single journey ticket or money, and taking the subway with a single journey ticket is cumbersome (EVERY TIME you should buy a single journey ticket for the fare + deposit 500 won and return it to the bending machine at your destination to get your deposit back). Moreover, you can get 100 won discount off with the T-money card.

Transfer :
You can transfer to a bus or subway for free within 30 minutes after getting off the last bus or subway, up to 4 times. To transfer, you need to use a T-money card.


Purchase of a T-money card

You can purchase a T-money card from the bending machine in the subway stations or most convenience stores such as GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, etc. You can draw the balance of your T-money card to nothing at the ticket window of the subway station for refund fee 500 won or for free (if the balance is below 1,250 won).

1. Choose ‘Purchase’ or ‘Top up’ (recharge).

2. Select a Card you want to purchase.

3. Insert bill into the slot on the lower right side of the machine.

Purchase of a single journey ticket

You can purchase a single journey ticket at the vending machine (CASH NEEDED) or a the ticket window in the subway station. You can choose the ticket with minimum fare only or one with fare to match your destination. For a single journey ticket (IC card), you need to pay the deposit of 500 won.

Entry & Exit

Place your T-money card or single journey ticket on the blue panel of the ticket gate. If the LED light becomes green, it’s OK to enter. The procedure is same when you exit.

Fare Adjustment

If the balance of your T-money card is insufficient to pay your fare (before you exit), you can charge your T-money card via ‘the fare adjustment and card reload device’.


Get on the bus via the front door of the bus and place your T-money card or single journey ticket on the panel of the vending machine. You can pay your fare by cash as well. When you get off the bus, do the same thing near the rear door. Don’t forget to checking your ticket by the vending machine when you get off the bus: you cannot transfer to another public transportation.